From their birth in 1971 Little Misses have gone from strength to strength. They identify with a multigenerational audience through self expression, colour, simplicity and humour.

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In a whimsical world where imagination knows no bounds, Little Miss found herself longing for new adventures beyond the confines of the cartoon space. With each passing day, the colorful characters and predictable storylines seemed to lose their charm. Her heart yearned for something novel and exciting, an escape from the familiar.

One fateful day, as the pixels danced on her screen, Little Miss stumbled upon a peculiar concept that piqued her curiosity – the Crypto World. As she delved deeper into this digital realm, she discovered a revolutionary concept known as stable coins. These virtual currencies held the power to transcend the boundaries of the cartoon universe and venture into the unpredictable landscape of blockchain technology.

Where it all started



  • Website and Socials launch

  • Stealth Launch with DEX Listings

  • Token Launch

  • 420+ Holders

  • Get $MISS Trending across social media, and internet.


  • Reddit and 4chan coverage

  • Public relations (to get media coverage)

  • CoinGecko Listing

  • CoinMarketCap Listing

  • Community Partnerships with KOLs, etc

  • CEX Listings

  • 4,200+holders


  • $MISS merch

  • $MISS tools

  • T1 Exchange Listings

  • 42,000+ holders

The website masterfully employs satire and parody, skillfully weaving ingenious wit and irony to effectively convey its message. It stands as a satirical platform, emphasizing entertainment and amusement above any concrete advantages or financial rewards. In a similar vein, $MISS, the meme coin, embodies a lighthearted cryptocurrency crafted purely for jovial purposes, without any expectations of significant financial profits.

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